Highly Capable Program

Highly Capable Program 
The Highly Capable Program seeks to identify students who:
• Have high intellectual, academic and creative thinking capability,
• Require out-of-the-classroom differentiated instruction,
• Need an intellectual peer group for inspired learning.
Students will be selected for the Chariho K-8 Highly Capable Program based upon the following criteria:
Parent referral, Teacher referral, Academic performance, State assessment performance,
and student need for an out-of-the-classroom differentiated program.

In the Highly Capable Program for Grades K-4, students engage in individual or group, research-based learning. Students must commit to rigorous and long-term guided research that aligns with their grade level curriculum. Students will be able to choose a topic of high interest to them and go deeper into it and become an expert on that topic.
Click this link to learn more and to get a referral packet.
You can also email our librarian, Mrs. Jackson to request a referral packet